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GUM – Supervisor (Expert Advisor)

Introduction (display)

This Expert Advisor (EA) or bot, can be configured to monitor the work of other EA’s with various functionalities e.g:

  • He’ll shut down all operations when he gets to the:
    • Maximum coverage allowed in the parameters.
    • Maximum sum of all operations.
    • Maximum drawdown.
    • Minimum drawdown.
  • Alert when:
    • Maximum drawdown.
    • Minimum drawdown.
    • Close all operations.
    • Close all operations after a specified time.
    • Reach your daily profit target in the currency you are running as well as all at once.
  • The warnings can reach the mobile phone through the MT4 mobile application and the PC through the log and sound.
  • etc…

As you can see this EA is highly configurable and its goal is to monitor the work of other bots and to stop them from getting lost or to warn us that something is wrong. For more information in the following video we explain everything:

Roboforex registration process (display)

We recommend that you register with Roboforex because of its low commissions and fast execution, although you are free to choose any other broker.
Register in Roboforex here.
Watch the video to get a good feel for the process:

Do you need a VPS? (display)

A VPS is a virtual server of your own which allows you to access it by remote access. What do you need this for? The EA's (expert advisors) need to be running on a computer in order to carry out their multiple calculations, you could leave your home computer on but this option is not recommended since there could be a power outage or any other inconvenience and directly affect the proper management of the operation of the EA's that are running. Moreover, the low price of VPS is worth more than the cost of light to leave our home computer on.
There are many VPS, although we recommend you the virmach one we have been working with for a long time, click here.
Discount codes here.
Watch the video for more information:


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